Why don't you? You feel like posing?

Photography is the expression of a glance, that of the photographer in a first time which is worked to correspond to your research and yours in a second time for :

  • To feel beautiful
  • Regaining your confidence
  • Being comfortable with your body
  • Assuming one's femininity
  • Get sensual photos while respecting your privacy.

The goal is for you to get much more personal photos than a simple portrait in front of a black background.

Contact me and let's talk about your wish, your project.

Questions you have?

What kind of photos?

I prefer boudoir and glamour photography as well as artistic nudes. It is you who define your desire and set your limits. From the photo in a man's shirt to the hidden nude, everything is possible. The goal is to have pictures of you intimate, glamorous and sensual, whose style can vary according to your desires: chic, vintage, romantic, erotic or burlesque, but never vulgar.
The lens of my camera is always benevolent and my personality, both frank and discreet, will give you all the freedom you need to express your sensuality.
The goal is not to reveal everything, but to leave room for imagination.

What is the occasion?

There is no particular occasion, just for you, for the pleasure and the desire to have nice pictures of you.
Afterwards, it can be the occasion for a glamorous gift for your significant other, to rediscover yourself in a different way, to express your sexy side or to regain your self-confidence and why not immortalize the underwear of your wedding outfit or your body before a future pregnancy, or even to perform this pregnant session.
The most important thing is to spend a moment out of time, just for you, to reveal yourself and dare to pose in front of the camera. This session will allow you to feel beautiful and regain your self-confidence.

Can we meet to discuss the project?

A meeting to discuss your project is possible but generally, exchanges by email already allow to prepare the shooting. During these exchanges, we will prepare the session by talking about the images you want and those you don't want. I usually ask you to send me some inspiring pictures (in my galleries for example or on the internet), so that I can know your tastes and your desires. The shooting must correspond exactly to your expectations.
It is also the occasion to ask me all the questions you wish and also to send you some advices to prepare yourself well for the shoot.

How long does a session last ? Where is it ?

A session lasts about 2h30 to 3 hours. Ideally at your home if the place is suitable, we can also do the session at one of your acquaintances or in a place that is dear to you. It can also take place in my studio or in a place rented (at your expense) for this purpose.

Can I come accompanied?

You can come accompanied by the person of your choice if he or she can be discreet during the shooting, although the presence of another person may interfere with the smooth running of the session.

How is the session going ?

It always starts with a visit of the place, the choice of the outfits you will have selected and also the photos you have spotted to build your session.
A session lasts about 2h30 to 3 hours, at your own pace, alternating poses and changes of outfit. Throughout the session, we will regularly view the photos taken so that you can have a preview of the result, gain confidence, see the poses and feel more comfortable.

What's next?

I will send you within 48 hours a contact photo sheet so that you can make a selection of photos (about ten). Please note that I am not a fan of retouching software. Those will be very limited. Then, the selected photos are sent to you within three weeks in high definition.
No photo is published without the written consent of the person photographed.
I always have a small contract signed so that the model and I can freely use the photos for non-commercial purposes and also for the protection of your image.

I look forward to working with you.